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The Author's Playbook - With a 1:1 strategy call with Dennis

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Everything you need to write, publish, and sell a GREAT BOOK!

Grab Your Copy Of This Self-Paced Online Course and a 60 minute session with Dennis to talk through your book writing, publishing, and marketing strategy.

Save yourself hundreds of hours of frustration and thousands of wasted dollars. Learn all the strategies and tactics I used to self-publish two best-selling books.

Having a great book behind your name can do so many things for you:

✔️ Grow your credibility

✔️ Unlock a new income stream

✔️ Establish yourself as an expert

✔️ Get discovered by new potential customers or clients

But the task can seem daunting at first. A book? Me? Will anyone read it? Where do I start?

Yes! You! Let me be your guide and help you get that great book out of your head and into the world!

Check out these testimonials from these budding authors who've taken the course:

“As a first time author, taking the Author's Playbook course by Dennis Geelen was very helpful to me to understand more about the process of writing and publishing a book. Dennis turned a complicated and confusing process into easy, simple, painless steps. Just getting the resources at the end was worth every penny. Thanks Dennis for creating this course and putting it as a price point that’s affordable to everyone.” - Tom Clairmont CEO, NET Essentials Inc.

“I found this course to be more comprehensive than I expected! The marketing and publishing information alone was worth the cost of entry.” Kris Walters


"An excellent 'fire starter' course for creators who have a book in mind – with practical 'how to' steps and pro tips – from getting an outline of your book done in one session through to editing, publishing, marketing, and sales" - Diane Blaxland

“Prior to ‘The Author's Playbook’ I had absolutely no idea how to even begin the process of publishing a book. Dennis’ course is a valuable playbook for anyone wanting to write and publish a book. He provides you with a step-by-step guide to write your book, then moves on to the publishing options available, and even includes tips on how to market your book once you have published it! This course far exceeded my expectations as I now have a valuable blueprint on how to finally realize my dream.

Thank-you Dennis!" - Cynthia Hamu


“This course was so helpful in directing my vision for the publishing and marketing stage of my book and gave me great clarity on the structure for non-fiction writing!”  - Evan Sanderson


“Thank you, Dennis, for the tool to actually make the ceremonial declaration of ‘I am going to write a book someday’ into a decision of ‘I AM a writer!’

The course helped so much. As a brand-new writer, the system, the step-by-step tool to break down my book into manageable chunks was a weight off my shoulders.” - Ally Pazuk

"Dennis always delivers with content that is practical and easy to implement. If you’re thinking of writing a book - stop.  Get this course first - to prepare yourself." - Karen Grill

By the end of this short course, you'll have a roadmap for success as an author.

Here's a preview of what's inside:


Part 1: Course Intro

- My story

- What to expect in this course

Part 2: On Writing

- Establishing the WHY and WHAT of your book: The Foundation

- Strategies for establishing good writing habits

- Tips for ensuring the book you're writing will be sought after by your ideal reader

Part 3: On Editing

- What are the different levels of editing?

- How much self editing should I do and how?

- Hands on tips and examples for great prose

- Effective use of Beta Readers

- How and where to find the right professional editor for YOUR book

Part 4: On Publishing

- What are my options?

- The Pros and Cons of each type of publishing

- A deep dive into publishing on Amazon

- A behind the scenes look at my KDP account

Part 5: On Marketing

- How to build a marketing strategy to get your book out there!

- Tips for leveraging influencers

- Tips for leveraging podcasts and newsletters

- Tips for leveraging partnerships

- Including real life examples, and more!

Part 6: Additional Resources

- A complete list of guides to additional resources to help you through each phase of the process

1:1 Strategy Call

- After purchasing the course, you'll receive a link from Dennis to book a 60 minute call directly with him to talk through your writing, publishing, and marketing strategies.


Who is this course made for?

The Author's Playbook is designed for anyone looking to write, publish and market a book but needs some guidance.

Who am I?

I'm the founder of my own one person consulting company, Zero In. I built my company into a successful consulting practice where I help small to medium sized businesses with their customer experience, employee experience, and creating a culture of innovation.

Along with my consulting, I am also the author of the best selling book THE ZERO IN FORMULA, creator of the online course by the same name, a workshop facilitator, public speaker, and guest writer for Entrepreneur.

After creating and scaling Zero In, I now also spend time coaching solopreneurs and have written a new hit book called THE ACCIDENTAL SOLOPRENEUR.

What will I learn in this course?

How to avoid all the pitfalls awaiting new authors and instead, save all kinds of time and money getting your book out into the world. With the workbook full of templates, guides, and additional resources, you'll have everything you need!

Stop floundering. Let's get you set up for success.

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Everything you need to write, publish, and sell a GREAT BOOK!


The Author's Playbook - With a 1:1 strategy call with Dennis

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