The Solopreneur Playbook: 6 Steps to FREEDOM

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Stop Struggling - Start Gaining Clients!

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Learn the 6 critical steps I followed to start my own successful solopreneur consulting practice (Zero In).

You're an expert in what you coach, consult, or deliver for your clients, not in branding, marketing, and selling yourself.

Avoid all the costly mistakes I made and shave years off your path to success.

Deciding to bet on yourself is an amazing first step...kudos to you!

But now you need a roadmap for success or risk becoming another statistic as a failed startup.

Most solopreneurs struggle with getting clients.


❌ They don't know how to properly define their niche and be seen as credible experts.

❌ They don't know how to package and price their services effectively.

It's not your fault, you're an expert in what you know, not in sales and marketing!

Getting clarity and defining a roadmap for success is what you really need.

The Solopreneur Playbook will get you organized so you can start working with clients faster!

You'll learn these 6 steps:

✔️ Determining your niche to be seen as an expert (not a generalist!)

✔️ How to network and collect valuable testimonials to build your credibility

✔️ How to refine your offer so it is priced and packaged as a product (rather than trading your time for money)

✔️ How to sell. Without customers you have no business!

✔️ Why and How to build an audience that resonates with your message

✔️ The value of building extra income streams to diversify your revenue

I share strategies, tips, and real life examples for building your successful solopreneur practice, along with a workbook full of templates for you to apply to your business.

Check out these testimonials from these budding solopreneurs who've taken the course:

"I just finished Dennis' Solopreneuer Playbook course and coaching. Wow. Within the first three minutes of the course, I was hooked. I finished it by the very next day. It's jam-packed with insanely helpful tips. I had so many 'why didn't I think of that' moments. Pure brilliance." - Kelly Allen

"When starting out there's a lot of 'noise'. This course is fantastic. It helped me navigate new territory and reduced a ton of wasted time. It's clear, right sized and inspiring. Great value for the investment." Vaughan Broderick

"I value this Playbook 💯! The way it applies to my current situation then, continues to be an influential factor; to the thought process I have today. Especially how it elevated my perception of how to network effectively!"- Joseph Luchene

"Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. The Solopreneur Playbook helps you focus on what matters most and guides you in taking those first crucial steps. So if you're feeling lost and need some direction, grab the course to get started!" - Ariana Cofone

By the end of this short course, you'll have a roadmap for success as a solopreneur.

Here's a preview of what's inside:


Part 1: Course Intro

- Who am I?

- What to expect in this course

Part 2: Be The Expert

- Why get specific?

- The anatomy of a niche

- The niche template walkthrough

Part 3: Building Credibility

- Why you?

- The two components of credibility

- Effective networking (including a networking template)

- The most valuable testimonials (including a testimonial template)

Part 4: Refining Your Offer

- The anatomy of a great offer

- Why package and sell your offer like a product?

- The offer template walkthrough

Part 5: Learn to Sell

- Understanding how to play the long game

- Why it is so important to lead with value

- Learn to sell the benefits, not the features

- Sales is a numbers game (including templates for effective sales outreach)

Part 6: Building an Audience

- Why it matters

- Important strategies and tips

- Examples to follow

Part 7: Creating Extra Income Streams

- Why this is the pot of gold you are after

- Examples from me and Zero In

- Examples from others

- Helpful strategies and tips


Who is this course made for?

The Solopreneur Playbook is designed for anyone looking to start a side-hustle or a full fledged solopreneur coaching or consulting practice

  • Need a plan of attack to get started?
  • Want to avoid all the costly mistakes most solopreneurs make?
  • Are you ready to bet on yourself?

Then The Solopreneur Playbook is for you.

Who am I?

I'm the founder of my own solopreneur consulting company, Zero In. I built my company into a successful consulting practice where I help small to medium sized businesses with their customer experience, employee experience, and creating a culture of innovation.

Along with my consulting, I am also the author of the best selling book THE ZERO IN FORMULA, creator of the online course by the same name, a workshop facilitator, public speaker, and guest writer for Entrepreneur.

After creating and scaling Zero In, I now also spend time coaching solopreneurs and have written a new hit book calledTHE ACCIDENTAL SOLOPRENEUR.

What will I learn in this course?

How to avoid all the pitfalls awaiting new solopreneurs and instead, start your business in a strategic way. With the workbook full of templates included with the course, you will shave months (maybe years) off your road to success.

Stop floundering. Let's get you set up for success.

How long will it take to see results?

It depends on your situation (skills, experience, drive, determination, etc.). But let me be straight with you:

Being a solopreneur is a marathon, not a sprint.

I don't have any quick hacks or secrets for becoming a overnight success. I don't promise that you will be making 6 figures in your business in 3 months.

The Solopreneur Playbook is for people that are serious about following the 6 steps and not taking shortcuts.

I want this!

Learn the 6 critical steps I used to launch my own successful solopreneur consulting business (Zero In). Save yourself years of stress and frustration and become the expert in your niche in no-time!


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The Solopreneur Playbook: 6 Steps to FREEDOM

4 ratings
I want this!